Profile of Organizers

The University Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) in Maputo, Mozambique, was founded in 1962 and is the lead institution of learning in Mozambique. UEM works closely with communities and has a number of partnership agreements with enterprises. UEM is dedicated to giving back to the community through partnerships and relationships that create tangible impact. With 11 faculties and 8 research centers including distance education, UEM is working towards its vision of being a University of national, regional and world reference in the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge and extension, underscoring research as a foundation to teaching and learning processes. Organizing M4D2016 are the Faculty of Science, CIUEM (Centre for Informatics), Department of Science and Mathematics (Faculty of Education) and Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Karlstad University Sweden through the HumanIT research center seeks to enhance the appreciation and usability of ICTs in people’s everyday life without compromising human rights such as privacy. Based on a human perspective, HumanIT focuses on ICT uses for improved livelihood. Further attention is drawn to developing regions as well as the role and potential uses of ICTs in crisis and emergency situations.

The Objectives:

  • Underline and strengthen research focusing on human perspectives of ICTs.
  • Establish Karlstad University as a leading institution for research on human perspectives of ICTs.
  • Provide a multi-disciplinary platform for research and collaboration across disciplines with trade, industry and public sector.
  • Contribute to the trade, industry and public sector by influencing product and service development.

HumanIT has been at the forefront in recognizing mobile communications for development (M4D) as a critical area of research within ICT-for-Development owing to the growing popularity of mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. As human interfacing with technology takes on a mobile perspective, acknowledging the role of mobile technology within the larger framework of ICT4D has assisted HumanIT in curving a specific research niche in ICT4D as evidenced by the number of publications and research focused on M4D at the center.

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